Fried bacon, crisp lettuce, juicy tomato
a touch of cream cheese and dill.
Delicious, fresh, filling.

The Hot Mess
Had a big night? you need

Fresh chorizo by Saidanaa, fried with egg, charred red peppers, pickled jalapenos, hot sauce
& coriander cream cheese.

It's a real mouthful.

It's always a good time for

Simple, and homemade
with real ingredients & love.

Missing that special something?

Housemade, artisan, or craft foods & drinks
New products added regularly!

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Quality products made in Georgia

From bagels, cured meats, non-dairy milks, cheeses and more, we believe you’ll taste the difference of our home-made products, all made naturally with no chemical additives.

Most of our products are sourced directly from farmers (where possible), and we are totally transparent about all of our processes. We can also cater to a wide variety of dietary requirements and allergies – just contact us. Good food should be accessible to all!

What We Offer

Much like our bagels, we do everything! Also like our bagels, that means we do about 5-10 things.

All our products are available for:

  • Restaurant dining
  • In-person pickup
  • Home delivery
  • Commercial supply
  • Catering
  • Custom orders
  • Bagel juggling
  • Terrible jokes
  • And more!

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